Tactile Warning Triangle Symbol Labels

Dantech Ltd experts in producing tactile warning triangle symbol labels for use on packages which contain hazardous substances, as required by law, to assist blind and visually impaired people. This is a result of the CHIP 3 regulation. 

In accordance with the law, products falling under classifications such as toxic, very toxic, corrosive, harmful, extremely flammable, or highly flammable, alongside select aerosols categorised as harmful, toxic, or corrosive, are mandated to feature a label containing the distinctive raised triangle warning symbol. This critical measure serves to alert and protect the visually impaired from potential dangers associated with these chemicals.

Are Warning Triangle Symbol Labels difficult to produce?

Crafting these warning triangle symbol labels is no small feat. The distinctive raised triangle, positioned above the label, necessitates meticulous production in strict accordance with EN ISO 11683. This standard meticulously outlines the dimensions and specifications for both the triangle and label, mirroring the precision required in Braille printing.

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At the forefront of innovation, Dantech brings unparalleled expertise to the production of warning triangle symbol labels. Beyond compliance, our commitment to precision ensures that each label meets the highest standards, providing a crucial layer of safety and accessibility.

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