Tactile Health and Safety Labels for Chemicals

Tactile Health and Safety Warning LabelsA chemical is not just something used by scientists in laboratories. Most people use chemicals as part of their job or at home daily. 

Cleaning products such as bleach and oven sprays are chemicals. So are paints, inks, glues, and oils.

Most chemicals people come into contact with are not dangerous if you use them properly.

However, if you are visually impaired, it can be hard to identify products containing chemicals that need extra care. 

The correct health and safety labels can help visually impaired people easily identify chemicals they come in contact with.

Health & Safety - Tactile Warning Triangles

Tactile warning triangle stickers assist blind and visually impaired people in identifying hazardous products classified as toxic, very toxic, corrosive, harmful, extremely flammable, or highly flammable, as well as some aerosols classified as harmful, toxic or corrosive,

These tactile warning triangles are difficult to produce because they have a raised triangle above the label, and they must be made in accordance with EN ISO 11683.

Dantech Ltd is a market leader in innovative label solutions producing millions of health and safety tactile warning labels to European Standard BS EN ISO 11683:1997.

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