EU Standard Tactile Warning Labels

Dantech Ltd takes pride in being at the forefront of producing millions of warning tactile labels, a crucial requirement for packages containing hazardous substances. This commitment is in strict accordance with the law, particularly the CHIP 3 regulation, aimed at facilitating accessibility for blind and visually impaired individuals.

Why are Warning Labels important? 

Compliance with the law mandates the application of labels featuring a raised triangle to all products falling under classifications such as toxic, very toxic, corrosive, harmful, extremely flammable, or highly flammable. Additionally, specific aerosols categorised as harmful, toxic, or corrosive also require these distinctive labels.

Producing these labels poses a unique challenge due to the raised triangle above the label's surface. Strict adherence to the EN ISO 11683 standard is crucial, outlining precise dimensions for the triangle and label. Remarkably, this production method mirrors that of printing Braille, emphasizing the attention to detail required.

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As a market leader in innovative label solutions, Dantech has solidified its position in the industry. Beyond warning tactile labels, our extensive portfolio includes asset stickers and online security ID marking. Our commitment to quality, precision, and compliance ensures that when you choose Dantech, you're investing in solutions that meet the highest standards.

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