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Tactile Hazard Warning LabelsCompliance with regulations is paramount for products falling under specific classifications, such as hazardous, toxic, very toxic, corrosive, harmful, extremely flammable, and highly flammable. Additionally, certain aerosols classified as harmful, toxic, or corrosive necessitate the inclusion of appropriate tactile warning labels.

Why should you invest in warning labels?

Investing in warning labels is crucial for several reasons. Tactile hazard warning labels play a vital role in aiding individuals with visual impairments by helping them identify potentially dangerous products. These labels present a unique challenge in production due to the requirement of a raised triangle above the label, following the guidelines outlined in EN ISO 11683.

The European Standard BS EN ISO 11683:1997 specifies the requirements for a tactile warning of danger on the packaging, which contains certain dangerous substances and preparations.

Dantech Ltd stands out as a market leader in providing innovative label solutions, specializing in the production of millions of tactile hazard labels featuring the mandated warning triangle.

Numerous companies choose Dantech for the assurance of a high-quality and reliable product, leading to substantial cost savings.

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