Tactile Warning Labels for Products with Hazardous Substances

When products containing hazardous substances are distributed to the general public, it is imperative to include a tactile warning of danger on their packaging. The table below provides a comprehensive overview of various hazards that necessitate the incorporation of tactile warnings.

Table: Overview of hazards that trigger tactile warnings.

Hazard Criteria

Acute toxicity (category 1 to 3)
Acute toxicity (category 4)
STOT single exposure (category 1)
STOT single exposure (category 2)
STOT repeated exposure (category 1)
STOT repeated exposure (category 2)
Skin corrosion (category 1A, 1B and 1C)
Respiratory sensitisation (category 1)
Aspiration hazard (category 1)*
Not aerosols or if in a container with a sealed spray attachment
Aspiration hazard (category 1)
Germ cell mutagenicity (category 2)
Carcinogenicity (category 2)
Reproductive toxicity (category 2)
Flammable gases (category 1 and 2)
Flammable liquids (category 1 and 2)
Flammable solids (category 1 and 2)
Note 1.  This provision does not apply to aerosols, which are only classified and labelled as "extremely flammable aerosols" or "flammable aerosols".

This overview serves as a guide to identifying and appropriately labelling products in accordance with tactile warning standards.

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